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The most fearsome Ninja fighters ever to reside in the Land of the Rising Sun await you. They're fast on their feet and quick to spot your weaknesses. Be very careful and think about every move... for if you defeat them, the second Sacred Stone is yours.
~ Description from the Double Dragon III manual

Japan is the third mission in Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone and Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones.



The level starts in a courtyard outside a dojo, where hordes of Swordsmen will immediately engage the Dragons in combat. As usual, the shop of this level appears right at the beginning, on the left side. Bamboo plants and an elaborate stone flooring decorate the environment. The layout soon reaches the wooden corridors outside the dojo, where secret panels on the walls with demonic decorations flip over, giving a makeshift entry point to new enemies the player must contend with. Once they're all dealt with, a massive wooden gate at the end will drop down, giving access inside the dojo.

The interior of the dojo is much more decorated compared to the outside, with altars, suits of samurai armor, jade statues and diverse Oriental-themed imagery on the walls. Midway while fighting the first batch of enemies, the area's boss, Ranzou, will make his appearance, who will start employing all sorts of ninja tricks to battle the Dragons.


A variation of the arcade's version of the stage. Keeping with the thematic of the environment, almost only Ninjas comprise the enemies of this level (with an occasional Gibson thrown to the battle every now and then).

The action now begins outside the outer wall of the dojo. After dealing with the first batch of enemies, the entrance to the building opens, giving access to its interior. The heroes must then make their way through a long corridor filled with traps, such as spikes made with bamboo branches coming out from the floor and hidden panels on the walls that give access to new enemies.

Once at the main hall, and after defeating a few more enemies, the boss of this level, Yagyu Ranzou, will appear and challenge the Dragons to a battle to the death.