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For the original arcade game, see Double Dragon II: The Revenge.
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Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons is a side-scrolling 3D beat-'em-up video game based on both the arcade and NES versions of Double Dragon II: The Revenge, developed by Korean game studio GRAVITY and published by Barunson Creative Co. Ltd for Xbox Live Arcade. The title was first announced in 2011,[1] but was shelved for release for two years. It was eventually released on April 5, 2013 as a digital download on the Xbox 360 via the Xbox Live Arcade service.[2]

As of August 17, 2023,[3] Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons will be removed along with the closure of the Xbox 360 Marketplace in July 29, 2024.[4]

The remake was followed up in January 29, 2017 with the release of Double Dragon IV.


Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons follows the same plot as the original game, although it adds some new elements to the story, including new events and bosses now having more prominent roles.

The game starts with a raid by the Black Warriors criminal syndicate on the Sou-Setsu-Ken dojo, owned by twin brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee. While they're absent, Marian (controlled by the player during the tutorial), Billy's girlfriend and instructor at the dojo, is left with no other option than to try to fend off the attack by herself. She manages to keep the attackers at bay for a while, but eventually their leader, Willy, a criminal ganglord who has a grudge against the brothers from a previous defeat, brutally shoots her to death.

Having returned to the dojo and seeing what had transpired in their absence, the Lee brothers embark on a quest for revenge against Willy and his gang by taking it to the streets and beating down any Black Warriors that dare to stand in their way.

After having encounters in several locations (which include a final showdown with Jeff, an old rival), they eventually reach Willy's hideout and take him down. A mysterious dark spirit taking on their image attacks them afterward, but they're able to subdue it as well.


The object of the game is to defeat waves of enemies until the current area's quota has been fulfilled, and then advance some more through the level and repeat the process until reaching the end area boss, which usually requires a special procedure in order to be defeated. Stages oftentimes contain quick-time-event minigames which the player must successfully complete in order to proceed further.

Gameplay is similar to other games of the genre, but unlike most beat 'em ups, the player can face in any direction instead of the usual always right or left that doesn't change when moving up or down. Whenever the player is surrounded by enemies, instead of just being able to move out of the way, the player character will first perform a small quick-step in that direction and then start moving.

The game also features a power bar that allows the player to perform special moves and which depletes a determined amount each time one of them is used (the meter refills itself over time). "Dragon Statues" can be encountered hidden inside environmental objects, such as barrels and crates. These statues will keep changing colors and give the player a specific "special dragon skill" depending on the color it had when picked up, as well as refill their health bar. Other power-ups, such as health kits, can be encountered as well.

In order to be awarded the good ending, players have to refrain themselves from performing any special moves throughout the course of the entire game (even in the tutorial).

The game also counts with a versus mode where players can go on one-on-one matches by selecting among four available fighters: Billy, Jimmy, Marian and Jeff.


Siliconera cited the emergence of Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons on June 23, 2011 when Germany’s USK rated the game for Xbox 360.[5]

In courtesy of Korean developer Gravity Co, Ltd. and publisher Barunson Creative Co. Ltd., Wander of the Dragons for Xbox Live Arcade was reported by Co-Optimus on July 26, 2011,[1] showing off the new stylized look of the graphics, gameplay, modes, and stages that mixes both old and new elements.[6] The game was originally tracked to launch in September of that year at a cost of 1200 Microsoft Points ($15),[7] but the release date ultimately got pushed back.

On March 7, 2013, eighteen months after its first announcement, Wander of the Dragons achievements were listed on Xbox 360 Achievements that reaffirmed its due for a 2013 release.[8] On the 26th that same month, Microsoft's Major Nelson confirmed the game's April 5 launch date.[2]


Barunson Creative[]

  • Executive Producers: Jong-Sin Choi and Yong-Dae Kwon
  • Director: Jun-Hyeok Jang (ellon)
  • Art Director: Jae-Won Kwak (sandwhale)
  • Technical Art Director: Do-Young Kwak (vincent)
  • Planning Managers: Jong-Oh Lee (penta) and Byoung-Hun Jung (flyfrog)
  • Audio Director: Jong-Geun Park (rosey)
  • Lead Game Designer: Jong-Oh Lee (penta)
  • Game Designers: Joon-Hyouck Yim (allexcool) and Jin-Guen Na (penboy)
  • Lead Programmer: Jun-Hyeok Jang (ellon)
  • Game Engine Programming: Jun-Hyeok Jang (ellon)
  • Game Logic Programming: Min-Cheol Yang (ilrinoa), Jae-Won Seo (dreamcat), Il-Hwan Park (parker), Seon-Jin Oh (sunny), Jung-Sik Choi (mell)
  • Lead 3D Artist: Do-Young Kwak (vincent)
  • Concept Art: Jae-Won Kwak (sandwhale) and Byeong-Hun Jung (flyfrog)
  • 3D Artist: Seul-Ki Hong (jensiru)
  • 3D Character Artists: Chul-Min Kim (charles), Ji-Hoon Seo (rainmaker), and Min-Cheol Yang (ilrinoa)
  • Extensive Artist Support: Min-Cheol Yang (ilrinoa) and Sung-Jae Shin (supernova)
  • Action Programming: Jun-Hyeok Jang (ellon)
  • Additional Action Programming: Jae-Won Seo (dreamcat) and Il-Hwan Park (parker)
  • Visual Effect Artist: Sung-Jae Shin (supernova)
  • Visual Effect Programming: Jae-Won Seo (dreamcat)
  • Cutscene Artist: Tae-Jong Kim (medusa)
  • Cutscene Screenplay: Byoung-Hun Jung (flyfrog) and Ki-Seon Choi (spike)
  • Media Programming: Jae-Won Seo (dreamcat)
  • Cinematic Event Screenplay: Il-Hwan Park (parker) and Jae-Won Seo (dreamcat)
  • UI Artists: Jae-Won Kwak (sandwhale), Min-Cheol Yang (ilrinoa), Il-Hwan Park (parker), and Seon-Jin Oh (sunny)
  • Lead Testers: Jong-Oh Lee (penta), Do-Young Kwak (vincent), Jae-Won Kwak (sandwhale), Byoung-Hun Jung (flyfrog), Kyoung-Won Hong (kenny), Chul-Min Kim (charles), Seul-Ki Hong (jensiru), Joon-Hyouck Yim (allexcool), Dong-Heon Lee (gw32), and Ji-Hoon Seo (rainmaker)
  • Account Manager: Beomhee Kang (corbu)
  • Office Administration: Su-Jeong Lee (crystal)


  • CEO: Hyun-Chul Park
  • COO: Yoshinori Kitamura
  • Producer: Jaewoo Choi (kurosei)


  • Supervisor: Takashi Hanya

GungHo Online Entertainment[]

  • Supervisors: Masato Ochi and Yosuke Niino


  • Neocyon: Il-Young Kim (young)
  • Sound Effects: Il-Young Kim (young) and Dongmin Zhang (absolute visual)
  • Music Producer: Il-Young Kim (young)
  • Music Composers: Il-Young Kim (young) and Dohyun Lee (warren)
  • Music Arrangers: Dohyun Lee (warren), In-Young Choi, and Jin-Hyoung Kim (irony islet)

Double Dragon II Arranged Soundtrack[]

  • Double Dragon II Arranged Soundtrack: "Opening Theme", "Intro Pass", "Big Boss", "Into the Turf", "Farm of Death", "Inviolability Pow", "Double Illusion", "Final Time", "Burnov's Theme", "Abore's Theme", "Chin Taimei's Theme," "Willy's Theme, "Battle with Oneself", and "End Theme"

Sound Work[]

  • Recording Studio Manager: Ji-Hai Choi (sunny)
  • Voice Recording Engineering: Young-Jun Yun (alan)
  • Voice Talents: Jennifer Clyde (jen) and Andrew Brand (the voice)
  • Additional Voice Talent: Jong-Geun Park (rosey) and Il-Young Kim (young)

Microsoft APAC[]

  • Account Manager: Jay Eom
  • Developer Account Manager: Jean-Francois Prevost
  • Release Manager: Nozomu Nagai

Special Thanks[]


Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons received extremely negative reviews, with a score of 18.12% on Gamerankings and a score of 17 on Metacritic.[9] It is currently the lowest scoring Xbox 360 game on Metacritic and the sixth lowest game on all platforms. GamesRadar ranked it as the 42nd worst game ever made. The staff compared it unfavorably to the previous Double Dragon Neon.

Bryan Vore was one of the first to post a critique of Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons for Game Informer on April 6, 2013, rating the game with a low 3 points out of 10. Vore criticized the conceptional reinterpretation of the original arcade for it's bland character models, gross environment texture, remixed tunes, and the sloppy 8-way fighting method.[10] Three days later, The Financial Post published their review with a score of 2.0 out of 10, with Chad Sapieha calling out the remake's inept storytelling, stiff controls, inefficient movements, and technical issues that affected the game's performance.[11] Dave Rudden from Official XBox Magazine gave a 2.5 of 10 rating on April 12, lambasting the game for its bland visuals, minimal audio, awful framerate, clunky combat, and poorly designed stages.[12]

On April 15, rated Wander of the Dragons with only 1 point out of 10 for its ugly art design, horrible movements, broken mechanics, and technical bugs. In his conclusion, David Jenkins wrote, "It’s often said that no game can ever be considered perfect, but this comes close in that absolutely every element is as bad as it can possibly be. We’re not sure how to celebrate that really, except to say that video games now how have a new standard for quality – and a new bottom of the barrel."[13] Hardcore Gamer's Nikola Suprak shared a simular judgment with a score of 1 of 5, stating that, "This is a broken, glitchy, ugly, poorly designed mess and nobody on staff should ever be allowed to work on another game ever again. Hell, nobody on staff should even be allowed to play another game ever again, because this is absolutely the worst game I've played in years."[14]



  • One of the most criticized aspects of the game is that in order to be awarded the good ending, the player is not allowed to perform any special moves throughout the course of the entire game, even in the tutorial, where the game explicitly teaches and encourages the player to use them, unknowingly assuring them to obtain the bad ending from the beginning.


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