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Double Dragon EX is a mobile phone game based on Double Dragon Advance. A follow up to Bandai Mobile's Double Dragon, it was developed by Eolith and released by Bandai America in May 25, 2005.


Double Dragon to the EXtreme! Double Dragon EX is armed with your favorite street moves, and a slew of updated special attacks and limitless combinations to stomp out evil the Double Dragon way!

—Description from the official website


The notorious Shadow Warrior gang has abducted Marian and demands an ancient relic that will ensure their dominion over the post-apocalyptic New York City. Unleash the infamous Double Dragons with a vengeance and purge the streets of every hoodlum that stands in your way of rescuing Marian.


Double Dragon EX is played with the keyboard's number keys in conjunction with the directional pad. Instructions on how to play are included with the game.


Double Dragon EX was featured at the Los Angeles Convention Center on May 19, 2005 for that year's E3 event. The game showed off the first three levels and the aerial juggle mechanics.[2]


GameSpot post their review Double Dragon EX on May 27, 2005, with Stephen Palley calling the game a huge improvement over Bandai's efforts from the year before. Palley praised the moveset, great graphics, and impressive sound, but he criticized the difficult evasive maneuvering due to a lack of button chording on the LG VX7000. With a final score of 7.8 out of 10, he wrote, "We recommend Double Dragon EX to fans of the series, and also to those looking for a good mobile beat-'em-up. This game is over too quickly (although the hardest difficulty level will give even seasoned gamers a tough time) and it's pretty repetitive, but its gameplay is top-notch while it lasts. This time around, Bandai's managed to give mobile brawlers both dragons instead of a toad."[3] Levi Buchanan of IGN also gave a 7.8 rating, and called the mobile game "infinitely more enjoyable" than the previous one thanks to its refined controls and speed options. In his final verdict, he said, "Double Dragon EX may offer some complicated controls, but with a little practice, most mobile gamers should get the combos right within a few games. If you can text, you can play Double Dragon EX. The reproduction of several play elements make's this sometime of a fan's dream. I wish the game was a little longer, but for a few bucks, beat-'em-up fans will have a good time with Double Dragon EX."[4]



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