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Double Dragon Collection is a compilation package by Arc System Works that includes six classic titles from the Double Dragon series of beat 'em up games.[1] It was first released in Japan on November 9, 2023 for most current generation platforms,[2] including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch (the latter also available on physical media in Asia).[3] The bundle comprises of the three NES games (Double Dragon, Double Dragon II: The Revenge and Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones), Super Double Dragon, Double Dragon Advance, and the more recent Double Dragon IV. While the bundle did not release at the same time outside Asia, Super Double Dragon and Double Dragon Advance were both released on the eShop individually.[4]

Clear River Games published the Switch physical release in Europe on February 29, 2024,[5] with Limited Run Games opening preorders for North America on June 4, 2024.[6]


Twin dragons rise again... in one complete package! Six classic Double Dragon titles, including the long-awaited Double Dragon Advance, as well as Super Double Dragon, ported for the first time since its original release!
Super Double Dragon
After 30 long years, the retro powerhouse Super Double Dragon is now on modern platforms for the first time. New additions include five stylish wallpapers to spruce up the sides of your screen with martial arts flair! The new play speed function also allows for high-throttle combat, playing at up to twice the speed for even more turbo-charged tussles.
Double Dragon Advance
Considered a masterpiece of the series, Double Dragon Advance makes a 20-year homecoming with this current-gen port, bringing back action, graphics, and other elements from past installments. New additions include five snazzy wallpapers to adorn your screen with dragon debonair befitting a martial arts master.

—Description from the official website

Modern features[]

Each game has four slots for saving game progress, and there are multiple languages to choose from. The screen options for video settings allow for different display modes, resolutions, screen sizes, scan line types, and wallpapers for the black bars. The audio settings grant volume control, sound quality effects, reverb levels, and overall system volume.

Super Double Dragon and Double Dragon Advance have some features that are exclusive to these ports. Both games have region switches which permit players to play the Japanese versions of the games. Super Double Dragon has a Speed option that can be set from 1.0 (normal speed) to 2.0 (fastest speed) (although anything beyond 1.5 may cause gameplay glitches). Double Dragon Advance no longer requires a link cable for two-player co-op.

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