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Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone is a 2D beat 'em up video game developed and published by Tiger Electronics under license of American Technos and Tradewest, released as a dedicated LCD handheld console in 1991. It is a simplified version of the original arcade game Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone.


The game takes the player on an adventure throughout five countries: U.S.A., China, Japan, Italy and Egypt. They start their adventure controlling Billy Lee, but can recruit two more playable allies along the way: Chin and Yagyu. Each character has their own specific attacks and weapons.

Mission 1 - U.S.A.

The game starts with the player standing stationary as enemies come to attack them. The player can kick and punch them, as well as jump and kick them in midair if they approach by jumping. If the player repeatedly kicks while jumping, they can perform a hurricane kick. The player can also jump forward and backward between two planes, automatically performing a kick in the direction they're moving as they do so, although if they're standing on the frontal plane their movements will be limited to just kicking backward and picking up dropped items. Jumping enemies come armed with a dagger, which they'll drop when defeated. Weapons drop on the frontal plane, so the player has to jump there in order to pick them up for their own use. Daggers can only be thrown while jumping to deal with other airborne enemies (read below). Additionally, the player can throw enemies that come from behind, and these will hit other oncoming enemies they hit on their way. Each defeated enemy is worth 20 points.

An orb labeled with a letter "P" will randomly appear on the frontal plane that will fully restore the player's health on pickup.

After defeating 10 enemies, the stage boss will appear, which is much more resilient than the rest of the enemies and will mainly engage in close combat, performing quick punches and kicks, and constantly move between the frontal and central planes. Likewise, the player will also have to mainly make use of punches and kicks to deal with him. During the boss fight, daggers will periodically pass flying at the top of the screen, which can hurt both the player as well as the boss.

Once the boss is defeated, the player enters the next stage.

Mission 2 - China

Similar to the previous stage, although now two enemies will frequently appear at the top corners of the screen throwing shuriken. Both throwers can throw their daggers either straightforward toward the opposite side to try to hit the player while they're jumping, or the one on the right can throw them toward the central plane, and the left one can throw them toward the frontal plane. If the player is in possession of a dagger, while jumping, they can throw it to the right by pressing Punch, or left by pressing Kick, to deal with the respective shuriken throwers. Enemies that come from behind will now usually come armed with a club, which they'll drop after being thrown and which the player can then pick up for their own use. This weapon will be lost after taking a hit. Additionally, the boss will often peek on the right side of the screen to deliver cheap punches if the player ventures to step on the frontal plane.

Like in the previous level, after defeating a certain number of enemies, the stage boss will appear, and once defeated, the player enters the next level.

Mission 3 - Japan

Similar to the previous stage, although the shuriken throwers and the peeking boss appear more frequently in this level. Care must be taken to effectively use most/all daggers dropped by jumping enemies to throw at the shuriken throwers, or the former could stop appearing and leave the player with no means to deal with the remaining shuriken throwers, and thus unable to reach the boss and finish the level.

Mission 4 - Italy
Mission 5 - Egypt


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