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Double Dragon 3/The Combatribes (ダブルドラゴン3/ザ・コンバットライブズ Daburu Doragon 3/Za Konbattoraibuzu?) is a soundtrack album released by Pony Canyon (under their Scitron imprint) on June 21, 1991. It features the soundtracks from Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone (composed by Akira Inoue and Takarō Nozaki) and The Combatribes (composed by Kazunaka Yamane, who worked on the previous Double Dragon games), both arcade games produced by Technōs Japan, on a single CD. Unlike the previous Double Dragon albums based on the first and second games, this album features strictly the original music ripped from the actual arcade hardware and only has two arranged tracks (one for each title).

Track list[]

  1. The Rosetta Stone (Arrange) ザ・ロゼッタ・ストーン(アレンジ)
  2. The Rosetta Stone ザ・ロゼッタストーン
  3. To the Dragon World/In America/ The New Black Warriors ドラゴン世界へ~イン・アメリカ~新・ブラック・ウォリアーズ
  4. Jim's Theme/The Way of Sōsetsuken ジムのテーマ~双載拳への道
  5. To the Dragon World/In China/Li's Theme ドラゴン世界へ~イン・チャイナ~李のテーマ
  6. To the Dragon World/In Japan/Ranzō's Theme ドラゴン世界へ~イン・ジャパン~乱蔵のテーマ
  7. To the Dragon World/In Italy/Giuliano's Theme ドラゴン世界へ~イン・イタリー~ジュリアーノのテーマ
  8. To the Dragon World/The Cursed Forest/Enter the Dragon ドラゴン世界へ~呪いの森~エンター・ザ・ドラゴン
  9. Wicked Goblin/Stoneman Roppe/Hiruko's Trap 妖獣ガブリン~岩人ロッペ~蛭子の罠
  10. The Awakening of the 20,000 Years Old Mummy/Cleopatra's Theme 蘇る2万年の魔人~クレオパトラのテーマ
  11. For the Children of the World 世界の子供たちに
  12. Play Version プレイバージョン
  13. The Final Battle (Arrange)
  14. Title Roll/The Motorcycle Nuclear Warhead/2x4 Fatman/Go to Next Act
  15. Amusement Park Nightmare/Persian Warlord
  16. The Slash Skate Screamers/Destroy Overdrive
  17. Place of S.O.D/War Paint
  18. The Slaughter Troops/Swastika is a Cyborg
  19. The Final Battle (Martha Splatterhead)
  20. Ending (Out of Somewhere)/Staff Roll (Rest in Peace)
  21. Play Version


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