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Double Dragon is an exclusive beat 'em up game for the Zeebo online system developed by Brizo Interactive Corp. and published by Tectoy S. A., the same company that released Battletoads/Double Dragon in Brazil. Released on May 29, 2009 and under license from Million Co., Ltd., it is a remake/expansion of the original 1987 arcade game of the same name, introducing new enemies, levels and music.

Brizo would later create another iteration for mobile platforms simply titled Double Dragon on March 8, 2011.


The game follows the same premise as the original Double Dragon. One day, members of the Shadow Warriors[1] gang, commanded by their machine gun-wielding leader, Willy, ambush a girl named Marian on the city streets and kidnap her. Her mutual friends, brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee, two young martial artists, set off to the streets in her search, beating down any Shadow Warriors members that get in their way.

They visit various locations and face many formidable opponents along their journey, until they finally arrive to Willy's hideout, where Marian is held prisoner and where the final confrontation against him and the remnants of his gang take place.


The game is both a remake and expansion of the 1987 arcade game Double Dragon and retains the same basic premise and gameplay style. It can be played either by one or two players cooperatively. The object of the game is to control one of the two protagonists, Billy or Jimmy Lee, and traverse various locations in search of their friend Marian, who was kidnapped by the Shadow Warriors[1] gang, by beating down thugs from their ranks with an assortment of martial arts techniques, until finally arriving to their hideout where the final battle against their leader, Willy, takes place. If successful, Marian is then rescued and the ending of the game is awarded. If two players reach the end of the game, after defeating the last boss they will have to fight each other in a final duel, where the winner gets to be the one rescuing Marian.

The game is comprised of six stages; the first two, the slums and the factory, as well as the final stage, Willy's hideout, are updated versions of those from the original Double Dragon, and the rest (and their background music) are entirely new. The game also borrows elements from other entries in the franchise, such as the inclusion of Burnov (who mainly belongs to Double Dragon II: The Revenge), Steve (of Super Double Dragon fame) and Ninjas.

The game improves upon its predecessor with new and upgraded graphics and animations, a totally new art style direction, as well as a more complex fighting system that allows the player to perform elaborated combos to maximize damage, including the ability to juggle enemies in midair for extra punishment. The player character is also able to dash, which in conjunction with the rest of the command buttons allows to perform new attack combinations.

Enemies wielding weapons can be disarmed by hitting them once; the player can then pick these up to arm themselves with. Oil drums and other environmental objects can also be picked up and thrown at enemies, although some of them are able to use these against the player as well. Either falling into a bottomless or a spiked pit results in an instant death.

Completing the game once unlocks "Extra" mode, which allows players to play through all six stages as one of the enemy characters, each of which has their own unique moves. Initially, only Billy, Jimmy, Williams, and Roper are available, but each time players complete Extra mode, they will unlock new characters, up to 20 total.


Mission Name Boss Music
1 City Slums Abobo "City Slums"
2 Industrial Zone Burnov "Factory"
3 The Highway Tricky "Highway to Hell"
4 The Halls Saber "Endless Halls & Urban Dojo"
5 Urban Dojo Onimaru "Endless Halls & Urban Dojo"
6 The Hideout Willy "The Hideout" and "Double Dragon Theme""


  • Project Lead: Souta Ichino
  • Executive Producer: Yosh Jinno
  • Sub Producer: Ryosuke Jinno
  • Main Programmer: Seiji Ando
  • Program Support: Yasuhiro Yamaya
  • Main Planner: Hiroto Ikuta
  • Plan Support: Kazuki Tanaka
  • Graphics Designers: Hiroto Kittaka and Yuji Watanabe
  • Sound Composer: Hideki Asanaka
  • QA Team: Hirotaka Chaya, Kasuki Miyauchi, Yuji Onishi, and Shinsuke Orita,
  • QA Manager: Hiroyuki Nakagawa
  • Special Thanks: Takashi Hanya (Kunio Co. Ltd), Brizo all staff
  • Presented by: Brizo Interactive


  • Due to the Zeebo's obscurity and its services going offline in 2011, Double Dragon was widely unplayable for many years until the release of the console's first emulator in 2024.[2]


  1. 1.0 1.1 Appears in-game as Cavaleiros das Sombras, which translates from Portuguese as "Shadow Knights".
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