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Double Dragon (ダブルドラゴン Daburu Doragon?) is the soundtrack for the 1995 Neo Geo one-on-one fighting game of the same name. It was released by Pony Canyon on March 17, 1995. It was the fourth Double Dragon album and the second one published under the Scitron imprint following Double Dragon 3/The Combatribes. Like its predecessor, this is strictly the game's original music recorded from the actual Neo Geo hardware with no arranged tracks. The soundtrack was composed and performed by VÄVID, a house band formed within Technōs Japan during the company's final years. The first half of the album contains all the music, while the latter half is strictly character voices (including the narrator's) and sound effects.

Track list[]

  1. How to OK?! (tutorial)
  2. 100 Points for Him!! (player select) コイツに100点!!
  3. True Fighter (Billy's theme)
  4. Power Transform (Billy and Jimmy's transformation theme)
  5. The Heartbroken Elder Son (Jimmy's theme) 長男はつらいゼッ
  6. I Will Punish Those Who Bully the Weak (Marian's theme) 弱い者イジメはおしおきヨッ
  7. Fighting Abobo (Abobo's theme)
  8. Bloody Meat Bomb (Burnov's theme) 鮮血の肉爆弾
  9. Leg Muscle (Eddie's theme) 蹴り一筋
  10. Shinobi from Chinen (Amon's theme) 知念忍
  11. Fist of the Drunken Eight Immortals (Cheng-Fu's theme) 酔八仙拳
  12. Flying Angel (Dulton's theme)
  13. East Wind Peace (Rebecca's theme) 東風平
  14. Shadow Assassin (Duke's theme) 影の暗殺者
  15. Dark Master (Shuko's theme)
  16. Moon Factory (sad ending) 工場の月
  17. Tomorrow Looks Like A Fine Day (bright ending) 明日天気になあれ
  18. Hurry!! (continue) 早くイッて!!
  19. Over Already?! (game over) もう終わり?!
  20. Billy Lee's Voice
  21. Jimmy Lee's Voice
  22. Marian's Voice
  23. Abobo's Voice
  24. Burnov's Voice
  25. Eddie's Voice
  26. Amon's Voice
  27. Cheng-Fu's Voice
  28. Dulton's Voice
  29. Rebecca's Voice
  30. Duke's Voice
  31. Koga Shuko's Voice
  32. Narrator's Voice
  33. S.E. Collection


  • The first print run of the CD came packaged with a miniature instruction card.
  • The liner notes mentions plans to release an arranged album, which was never produced. However, an arranged soundtrack was still composed for the later Neo Geo CD and PlayStation versions of the game. Since the music in the Neo Geo CD version is in CD-DA format, it can be played on any CD player with audio playback directly from the game disc itself.

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