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Double Dragon is a 2D beat 'em up video game developed and published by Tiger Electronics under license of American Technos and Tradewest, released as a dedicated LCD handheld console in 1989. It is a simplified version of the NES version of Double Dragon, reusing the same modified storyline and packaging artwork.


The player takes control of Billy Lee, who must rescue his kidnapped girlfriend, Marian, from the clutches of the Black Warriors gang. For this end, Billy has to take to the streets and beat every member of the evil gang that stands on his way until he reaches their hideout, where Marian is held captive by The Big Boss himself. The game is conformed of four Missions, each with an increasing difficulty level.

The player counts with three lives, and each life grants them a 16 pieces health bar; this will decrease two bars every time they sustain four hits. If the entire health bar is depleted, the player loses a life. On their next life, the player starts armed with a nunchaku to help them during their next try. Weapons increase the player's damage output to twice their normal level. If the player is hit by a stick of dynamite or a stalactite, they'll drop their weapon. Starting from Mission 3, some enemies will come armed with baseball bats; when defeated, they'll drop their weapon and the player can pick it up for their own use.

A Heart is earned when the player reaches 500 points, which is displayed at the top center of the screen; then a second Heart is earned when they reach 1000 points; and lastly, a third Heart is earned when reaching 3000 points.

Mission 1 - The City

Once the game is started, the player has to advance to the right until an enemy member of the Black Warriors gang appears. When both opponents are in front of each other, Billy has to make use of punches, kicks and jumping kicks to defeat him. Other than their graphical depictions, punches and kicks are identical - both deal the same amount of damage and have the same reach. The player can also jump by pressing Up on the directional pad, or sway back by pressing Down, to evade enemy attacks. Additionally, when an enemy approaches, the player can move one step back by pressing Left on the directional pad, and fight them in the background, or constantly move between both planes to fight the enemy more strategically. It takes four successful hits to defeat an enemy and each defeated enemy earns the player 100 points. On their part, enemies can also make use of punches and kicks to hit the player.

At any time, whether the player is fighting an enemy or just advancing through the stage, another enemy may appear jumping from above and throwing a lit stick of dynamite at them. Getting hit by it counts as one normal enemy hit. The player can either jump, sway or step back to avoid it.

After defeating 10 enemies, the player enters the next stage.

Mission 2 - The Industrial Area

In Mission 2, enemies take five hits to defeat and dynamite throwers attack more frequently and appear two in a row. Additionally, stalactites will randomly drop on the central plane, which the player has to evade by either swaying or moving back, out of their way.

After defeating 15 enemies, the player enters the next stage.

Mission 3 - The Forest

In this stage, enemies take seven hits to defeat and dynamite throwers appear thrice in a row. While stalactites will keep dropping on the central plane, if the player stays too long on the back plane, they will start dropping there as well; so, the player has to constantly move between both planes to evade external attacks. Starting from this mission, some enemies will come armed with a baseball bat, which the player can pick up after defeating them for their own use.

After defeating 20 enemies, the player enters the next stage.

Mission 4 - The Hideout

The final stage. Enemies take ten hits to defeat, dynamite throwers appear four times in a row and they almost take no breaks between waves, almost appearing nonstop throughout the whole stage. Stalactites drop on the central and back planes more frequently. At the end of the stage, the player faces The Big Boss himself, Jimmy Lee (who looks almost identically to the rest of the enemies, only with hair). The boss takes 16 hits to defeat.

After defeating 35 enemies (counting the final boss), the player rescues Marian from her bindings and the game ends.


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  • While the Kick button has two bumps, one on each side, possibly giving the appearance of being two buttons to kick left and right, it is actually a single digital button that only serves to perform a standard kick.

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