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A student at a women-only university, she's the envy of its student body. But this adoration is a major pain. Her older brother won't stop asking her to fix her up with someone.
~ Official description

Deena (spelled in certain official descriptions as Dina) is the boss of Mission 5 in the mobile remake of Double Dragon. She is Willy's niece and manager of a popular nightclub owned by the Black Warriors.


As part of an agreement with the boss of the previous mission, Chin Taimei, that if they defeated him he would tell them all he knew, he gives the Lee brothers a card with the address of a nightclub where they would be able to learn more about Marian's whereabouts.

Without losing any time, the brothers set on their way and storm the place, fighting the security team as well as several patrons —who in their vast majority are women— all throughout the bar and the dance floor until they arrive to the V.I.P. lounge, where they meet the owner of the club, a girl named Deena, who is none other than Machine Gun Willy's niece. She fights with a flamboyant style that mainly consists on attacking with a variety of kicks.

After the encounter and humiliated for her defeat, she cooperates with the brothers and opens a secret door to a passage that will lead them to his uncle's hideout.



  • While Deena always refer to Willy as "Uncle" and "Uncle Willy", it is possible this is just a term of endearment from a girl to an older man and they are not actually blood related.