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"Daj of the Undertown Dragons" is the thirteenth and final episode of the second season, and the 26th and final episode overall, of the Double Dragon animated series.


The Shadow Khan begins terrorizing Undertown with his group of Terror Warriors. Meanwhile, Billy and Jimmy discover a large egg hidden in an ancient underground temple. The egg hatches, revealing a real-life dragon that quickly bonds with Daj. Daj and his new pet help the Dragon Masters fend off Khan and his minions.





  • This is the last time the Lee brothers appear in their magical Dragon armor in their final battle against Shadow Khan and his group as well as their usual transformed state where they made Daj as an Undertown Dragon Warrior during the knight ceremony.
  • This is the final appearance of Shadow Khan and his group after being buried alive by Billy Lee.
  • At this episode, Daj is the seventh and last character to become a Dragon Warrior by the Lee brothers after Kona, Blaster, Vortex, Chop, Fireball and Kami. In his case, he became the first Undertown Dragon Warrior to guard the Dragon Temple along with his pet dragon Little Brother who restored the entire underground temple with his magical fire breath.


  • When Little Brother was hatched as a baby dragon, the color of his skin is lime green until he rapidly grows into an adult dragon whose skin color being emerald green. However when he was attacked by Shadow Khan, the color of his dragon skin changed to olive.