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DOUBLE DRAGON & Kunio-kun Retro Brawler Bundle is a compilation of Famicom and NES games developed and published by Arc System Works for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It was announced on February 5, 2020 and released on February 20, 2020.

It is a localization of Kunio-kun: The World Classics Collection (くにおくん ザ・ワールド クラシックスコレクション Kunio-kun Za Wārudo Kurashikkusu Korekushon?), developed by Million Co., Ltd. and published by Arc System Works, which was originally released in 2018 in Japan.

Modern features[]

  • Online play
  • Missions
  • Save states
  • Ability to switch between the original or "Quality Up" versions of the games, which fix bugs and adjust the game balance to most of the games.
  • 18 classic games in total, 11 of which have never before been localized into English.

List of games[]

The compilation includes the World (NES) versions of Double Dragon, Double Dragon II: The Revenge, and Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones.

Four localized Kunio-kun games are included in the compilation: Renegade, Super Dodge Ball, River City Ransom, and Crash 'n' the Boys: Street Challenge. Nintendo World Cup is not included in the compilation, as it was published and licensed by Nintendo.

All of the 11 Famicom games in the Kunio-kun franchise are included in the compilation, localized in English for the first time.

Title Release date
Double Dragon 6/1988
Double Dragon II: The Revenge 1/1990
Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones 10/1992
Renegade 1/1988
Super Dodge Ball 6/1988
River City Ransom 6/1989
Crash 'n the Boys Street Challenge 1/1990
Nekketsu Renegade Kunio-kun 4/17/1987
Nekketsu High School Dodgeball Club 7/26/1988
Downtown Nekketsu Story 4/25/1989
Nekketsu High School Dodgeball Club – Soccer Story 5/18/1990
Downtown Nekketsu March Super-Awesome Field Day! 10/12/1990
Downtown Special Kunio-kun’s Historical Period Drama! 7/26/1991
Go-Go! Nekketsu Hockey Club Slip-and-Slide Madness 2/7/1992
Surprise! Nekketsu New Records! The Distant Gold Medal 6/26/1992
Nekketsu Fighting Legend 12/23/1992
Kunio-kun's Nekketsu Soccer League 4/23/1993
Nekketsu! Street Basketball All-Out Dunk Heroes 12/22/1993



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