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This ship's the size of a city, chock-full o' henchpeople of the Shadow Boss and the Dark Queen and packed with enough ordnance to invade a galaxy. 'Nuff said!
~ Official description from the manual

The Colossus, also referred to as the "Ratship", is a rat-shaped, city-sized spaceship that serves as the primary setting for most of Battletoads/Double Dragon.


The Colossus is a gigantic space cruiser, said to be the size of a city and having enough weaponry to conquer an entire galaxy. The game refers to it as the "Ratship", and true to this title, the entire ship is shaped like a rat.

The first level in the game is set on the tail of the ship, with the second and third levels taking place in its interior. For Level 4, Ratship Rumble, the game switches from the usual beat-'em-up format to a shoot-'em-up (patterned after Solar Jetman, another game developed by Rare), in which the player must destroy the Colossus with their own space pod by destroying all of its weaponry, taking the Ratship apart piece by piece.

When the Colossus is destroyed, it launches a giant missile toward the Earth which the player must disarm in the next stage.


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