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The Code of the Dragon are a series of guidelines taught to Billy Lee by the Oldest Dragon in the Double Dragon animated series. Jimmy also follows the code, although he is more willing to either break or find loopholes in it if he feels it's necessary.

At the end of each episode, another part of the Code of the Dragon was revealed by one of the series' characters. These came in the form of a "life lesson" or "moral of the story", in similar fashion to other shows of the time; this in an attempt to mitigate the negative publicity generated by portraying acts that broke the boundaries of censorship restricting the narrative scope of children's TV programming, such as the portrayal of physical and/or alluded violence, the use of weapons, implied attempted murder, abuse of the weak, etc. This moral was always directly tied to the action or central theme of each episode.

Code of the Dragon[]

  1. Do not battle if you can avoid it. If you must fight, do not injure. Never intentionally harm another.[1]
  2. Be careful what you wish for.[2]
  3. Valiant hearts are your greatest weapons in any battle.[3]
  4. Be pure in mind and body, and all else will follow.[4]


  • Rule number one seems to mean never use lethal force in cold blood rather than never intentionally harming another person.
  • It is mentioned that attacking children is against the Code of the Dragon.[5]