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Code Shifter is an action platformer crossover game by Arc System Works featuring characters from the company's most renowned franchises, including Guilty Gear, BlazBlue and the River City series. The game is presented in a retro pixel art style, with an 8-bit inspired music score featuring remixes of several iconic themes from all the series involved. Up to 30 playable characters can be unlocked, in addition to another 70 that make cameos as support characters.

The game was released on January 30, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC (Steam) and Xbox One.

Billy and Jimmy Lee, Abobo and Willy appear as guest playable characters.


Stella is a game developer who works at "Awesome Rainbow Corp". Her task: Eradicate all remaining software bugs from the company's upcoming (and biggest) release. The problem: The game is scheduled to be released the next day!

While struggling to clean up the program, numerous software errors unexpectedly start to appear. With the deadline just a few hours away, she resorts to an experimental debug program known as "CODE SHIFTER". With it, she takes control of "Sera" –her digital avatar– and thus is able to fight all issues from within.

During her digital adventure, she meets numerous allies willing to lend her a hand, each with their own special abilities and themselves supported by even more characters.


Code Shifter is a 2D platformer game in an 8-bit retro style. The player takes the role of "Sera", the computer avatar of Awesome Rainbow Corp's employee, Stella, who is tasked to remove all the bugs of the company's upcoming big release. These bugs appear in the form of electronic anomalies or robotic-like opponents that are scattered throughout the levels and which the player has to remove or defeat. Battles are mainly focused on close combat, where the player has to make use of their character's available repertoire of melee attacks to fend off these enemies.

Along their adventure, the player will come across a vast array of guest characters from other Arc System Works franchises (30 playable characters), which will then become available for the player to control as well, with Sera actually transforming into these characters. Each character has their own array of attacks and special abilities; the latter which can allow the player to approach battles in unique ways, or even reach areas that other characters cannot.

In addition to the playable characters, there are 70 assist characters the player can summon to perform powerful, one-time, special attacks.

The game also features a brawler minigame mode called "Colorful Fighters", where up to four players can compete in a free-for-all party brawling match. By defeating "ghosts" in the Ex stage of the main story, more playable characters will be unlocked for this mode.


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  • The acronym of Awesome Rainbow Corp, the fictional gaming company that appears in the game, is A.R.C., as in Arc System Works, the developers of the game.

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