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Cleopatra (クレオパトラ Kureopatora?) is the final boss in Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone and the Famicom version of Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones. She is the former ruler of ancient Egypt, who has come back to life to protect her secret treasure from beyond the grave.

In the NES version of Double Dragon III, her identity was changed to Princess Noiram, whose real identity is actually revealed to be Marion possessed by an evil spirit and who somehow ended up trapped inside a pyramid in Egypt after being kidnapped by an unknown group.


Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone[]

Cleopatra is found in the inner chamber of her pyramid in Egypt, where she guards her secret treasure from beyond the grave. In her first form, she appears as a Mummy, and after being defeated, her spirit rises from her dead body in her former pristine human form and warps everyone to another dimension for the final fight.

She constantly teleports around the room, attacking with various projectiles and telekinetically pushing the player. Upon being defeated, her spirit vanishes and her treasure is revealed. In the arcade game, she screams and disappears when defeated, and her gown falls to the floor in a heap.

Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones[]

The player initially confronts Cleopatra as the last of three Mummies in the final chamber of the game. Her attack pattern does not differ from the first two Mummies, although her palette is slightly different. After receiving enough damage, she transforms into her true self. In this form, she can levitate, turn into a flaming snake and teleport around the room, and attack by shooting waves, bolts, or bird-shaped blasts of fire.

Cleopatra was "replaced" by Princess Noiram in the NES version of Double Dragon III. The name "Noiram" comes from "Marion" spelled backward (although her name is always spelled "Marian" in non-Acclaim published games). The exact origin and nature of her possession is never explained. Furthermore, because the graphic assets were unchanged from the Famicom version, the NES version never actually shows Marion as her normal self, not even after the final battle, which instead assures the player "she awoke unharmed" through text.

In the Famicom version of Double Dragon III, the storyline did not involve Marion's abduction in any form. The game's script underwent changes for its English localization, resulting in several aspects of the story being different between the two versions, in this case the identity of the final boss.

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