Not to be confused with Chin Taimei.
For his arcade counterpart, see Chin Seime.

Chin Seimei (陳清明) is a character who appears in the Famicom/NES version of Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones. He is a master of Mōko Gazanken (猛虎雅山拳) and keeper of the first Rosetta Stone. Initially, he holds resentment toward the Lee brothers for the defeat of his brother, Chin Taimei, and confronts the player at the end of Mission 2 as a boss. After he is defeated, he becomes a member of the player's party. He has the slowest moving speed out of the four main characters, but has high health and offensive power (particularly his palm attacks).

Total Power: 110

Weapons: Bare Hands, Iron Claw (5)


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