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Cheng-Fu is a playable character in the one-on-one fighting game Double Dragon, originally released on the Neo Geo.


Cheng-Fu is a strange martial artist who is both joyful and careless. He is a pushover and justice-loving. He hates lectures and making an effort, and he is always sneaking away from his instructors. He got lost in San Francisco, and as a result of his personality, ended up fighting against Koga Shuko, stating he was responsible for attacking his master, and defeats him in revenge.

His ending reveals that his master was alive and well, and he heavily trains him with 200 push-ups more than 100. His master strictly scolds him that he only did 10 push-ups.

In gameplay, Cheng-Fu utilizes a drunken boxing style known as Zui Quan, and was labeled as Suihassenken. The way he moves back and forth are from the actions of a drunkard and always carries his jug called the yakutou that contains his "special drink", which he personally called his "special brew". When he executes his punching moves, Cheng-Fu acupunctures his opponents to the gut before knocking them with a palm strike.


Cheng-Fu is a very strange individual and an adept martial artist who wants a fair fight with his opponents. Most of his win quotes show his love of drinking his "special drink", which he calls his "special brew", and he is shown to be weird at times when he asks his mirror self to have a drink with him. Despite Rebecca's disgust over his alcoholism, as seen in her win quote against him, Cheng-Fu gave her some shot glass to remember him by after defeating her, stating it was of her good service. Cheng-Fu is also shown to jump into conclusions, like when he defeated Koga Shuko and stated he had avenged his master, since Shuko was responsible for attacking him. In his ending it is shown that he can be goofy at times, like when he was heavily trained by his master who was actually alive.



  • Cheng-Fu's physical appearance seems to be inspired by legendary martial artist and film actor Jackie Chan, in particular on his interpretation of Wong Fei-hung in the 1978 comedy martial arts film Drunken Master. Further supporting this theory, Cheng uses a fighting style named Zui Quan that emulates the movements of a drunken man and his master can be seen in his ending putting him into a rigorous training session, similar to the events seen in the film.
  • Cheng-Fu apparently also borrows aspects from Chin Taimei, a recurring enemy in the Double Dragon series, such as his characteristic purple garments and hairstyle, probably being a replacement for him in this game.
  • In his win-quote against Duke, he misspells his own name as "Chang-Fu".

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