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He is the best Chinese Kenpo master in the Shadow Warriors. He operates Duke's Kenpo gyms with his brother in Chinatown. He claims that he and his brother are the real Double Dragons!
~ Super Double Dragon manual description

Chen Ron Fu (チェン・ロン・フー Chen Ron Fū?, Chen Long Foo), or Chin Ron Foo, is an enemy in Super Double Dragon. Along with his brother Chen Ron Pyo, he is one of the bosses of Mission 3. He specializes in kicks and believes that he and his brother are the real "Double Dragons".


A kenpō master clad in traditional Chinese-styled attire, including his hair tied in a long queue (braid). Both he and his brother, Chen Ron Pyo, are in charge of Duke's gyms in Chinatown. He claims they are the real "Double Dragons".

He is first fought as one of the bosses in Mission 3, "Chinatown", on the first balcony as the player is making their way out of one of Duke's gyms. In the Japanese version, both brothers are fought at the same time in that location. Afterward, he becomes a semi-regular enemy.

His style is a bit different from other enemies. He tends to block a lot, and he does so by using both the side of his arm and his leg. He always tries to stay slightly out of the player's reach and frequently steps back and retaliates with a powerful flying kick. His straight punch can instantly incapacitate the player, leaving them dizzy and at his mercy. He also frequently uses reverse round kicks as one of his main attacks. If the player attempts to kick him, he will intercept the attack by grabbing and twisting their leg, knocking them down. He can be arm-grabbed if the player blocks his straight punch at the precise moment when he performs it.

Most of the times, he is fought alongside his brother and they usually attack in tandem by surrounding the player from both sides.


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