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Image Title Written by Original air date
101 1 "The Shadow Falls" Phil Harnage and Sandra Ryan September 12, 1993
Billy becomes the new Dragon Master of the Dragon Dojo and meets his twin brother, Jimmy. When Jimmy goes missing, Billy calls upon his Dragon birthmark to lead him to his brother. Billy then faces off against the Shadow Boss and discovers that he is none other than Jimmy.
102 2 "The Legend Continues" Phil Harnage and Martha Moran September 19, 1993
The Shadow Master appears for the first time and orders Jimmy to retrieve his twin brother and the Dragon Sword. Jimmy kidnaps Billy, but fails to retrieve his sword. The Shadow Master then attempts to get rid of both the brothers, but the brothers escape and Jimmy changes sides, joining Billy. Billy and Jimmy become the Double Dragons and face off against the Shadow Master at the EMF plant.
103 4 "The Price of Oblivion" Bob Forward October 3, 1993
The Shadow Master begins distributing a drug called Oblivion so that he can turn Metro City's population into mindless zombies. The Lee brothers then meet a retired special forces member named Colonel McReady after he is run off the road by a couple of drugged-up drivers, and together, the three team up to stop the Shadow Master and destroy his drug factory.
104 5 "River of Tears" Pat Allee and Ben Hurst October 10, 1993
The Shadow Master begins operating an illegal fighting ring in a secluded area of Metro City. Sickle then forces a homeless martial artist named Vortex to fight in the tournament by holding a group of homeless children hostage. Billy and Jimmy must rescue the children and help Vortex before the Shadow Master can get rid of them.
105 8 "Judgment Day" Mike O'Mahoney October 31, 1993
Jimmy is framed for a bunch of crimes by a crooked police commissioner and is sent to Radica prison. Billy and Marian must free Jimmy before the Shadow Master can get rid of him using a deadly mutant named Hannibal.
106 3 "The Mistress of Chi" Richard Mueller September 26, 1993
Billy and Jimmy meet a powerful chi master named Su Lien and her sumo wrestler student named Tsunami. Su Lien is then duped into helping the Shadow Master reform his evil ways. When the Shadow Master hooks Su Lien up to a virtual reality machine so that he can drain her mind and steal her powers, Tsunami and the Lee brothers team up to rescue her.
107 6 "Over the Line" Sandra Ryan October 17, 1993
Billy loses his memory when he is knocked into an ultra-magnetic field, and the Shadow Master tells Billy that he is his son. Billy then becomes the new Shadow Boss, and Jimmy and Marian must work together to bring the real Billy back before he loses his memory forever.
108 7 "Rebirth" David Carren and Larry Carroll October 24, 1993
A one-armed mechanic and former police officer named Mike Pollard is duped into making new attack vehicles for the Shadow Master. When Mike realizes what he has done, he builds an attack car for the Double Dragons and helps them stop the Shadow Master.
109 10 "Call to Arms" Phil Harnage November 14, 1993
Metro City passes a law banning hand weapons, and the Shadow Master takes advantage of the situation by illegally selling portable blasters. When a Junior Dragon's sister is injured in a drive-by shooting involving the illegally sold weapons, the Dragons work on shutting down the Shadow Master's weapon factory.
110 11 "The Heart of the Matter" Martha Moran November 21, 1993
Kami, the master of the Komodo Dojo, recruits a Junior Dragon named Michael and uses him to attack the Shadow Dojo and take revenge on the Shadow Master. However, when Michael is captured, Kami must put aside her desire for vengeance by teaming up with the Dragons to free Michael.
111 9 "Dragon Hunt" Kurt Weldon November 7, 1993
The Shadow Master uses holograms to frame the Double Dragons for various crimes, and the Metro City police department dispatches a robotic officer named CLU to arrest the Dragons. The Dragons must prove their innocence while saving Metro City from a malfunctioning CLU.
112 13 "The Eye of the Dragon" Pat Allee and Ben Hurst December 5, 1993
The Shadow Master discovers a powerful Dragon artifact called the Eye of the Dragon which grants its holder the power of sight. Jimmy gets hold of the artifact, and it gives him incredible powers. However, it also begins possessing him. Jimmy is forced to choose between the artifact and his brother.
113 12 "The Abyss" Michael O'Mahoney November 28, 1993
The Shadow Master knocks Billy and Jimmy into a hidden section of the Shadow Dojo called the Abyss and imprisons the Dragon Warriors in his Shadow Mural. Inside the Abyss, Billy and Jimmy meet their mother, Marika, who has been trapped there since the brothers were babies. Marika and her sons must escape from the Abyss so they can free the Dragon Warriors and stop the Shadow Master from controlling Metro City.

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