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Cassandra Murata (カサンドラ・ムラタ Kasandora Murata?) is a playable character in the one-on-one fighting game Rage of the Dragons. She is a runaway orphan who can control her inner energy to perform a variety of attacks that for some reason have an angelic motif.


Cassandra was an orphan who grew attached to Oni (who affectionately refers to her simply as "Cass"). After he lit their orphanage on fire, they escaped to the streets and made due with Oni's street fighting wins. However, once he got badly hurt in a match, she seeks Elias' help.

The two orphans temporarily stay in his care until one night her brother attempted to attack her in her sleep due to his addiction to fighting. Unaware of the incident, Cassandra chose to tag along with him in the tournament, hoping to stave her brother's blood lust.


A stark contrast to her brother, Cassandra is a mild-mannered pacifist. She withdraws herself from society to avoid upsetting or making her brother jealous.


  • Holy attacks: Cassandra can fuel her attacks with blue energy, often leaving a trail of feathers in her wake.
  • Translocation: Cassandra can translocate herself.
  • Sense: Cassandra can sense the presence of others.

Fighting style[]

While they were staying with Elias, he noticed that she had a form of high-functioning autism and he helped her control her energy in order to harness it better. She fights using close-ranged defensive attacks with an angelic motif.

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