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Very little is known about Carlem. His fighting technique is similar to karate. He has a special technique middlekick called "Death Leg" that is very fast and powerful.
~ Super Double Dragon manual description

Carlem (カーレム Kāremu?) is an enemy in Super Double Dragon. He is the boss of Mission 6 and the gatekeeper of the Shadow Warriors' hideout. He has a fearsome signature move called the "Death Leg".


Carlem is the tallest and most menacing looking member of the Shadow Warriors, even dwarfing the likes of Jackson and McGuire. He is the boss of Mission 6, Forest & Mountain, and later reappears as a regular enemy in the final mission, Duke's House.

He is clad in a long red jacket with its sleeves wrapped all up his forearms, ready for a brawl. He wears big stylish sunglasses that, in conjunction with his facial features, make him a dead ringer for the Terminator, along with long hair fashioned in a mullet style. His cold expression suggests he is a ruthless killer just doing his job.

His signature move is the "Death Leg", a quick but powerful side kick. He can also perform a two-handed smash that can knock down the player in no time. As with most bosses, he tends to block a lot and will try to position himself out of the player's reach in order to commence his own attacks; so, a good strategy is to keep pushing inside his defense and try to lure another enemy into the brawl, which will likely make Carlem lower his defense.

There are usually weapons available whenever Carlem appears (boulders, knives, boomerangs, etc.), which can be put to good use either on him or on other enemies around to take them out of the picture while dealing with him.



  • Carlem's design is remarkably similar to Abore's original appearance in the arcade version of Double Dragon II: The Revenge, being inhumanly tall, prominently clad in red clothing and wearing a pair of sunglasses that gives him a Terminator-like appearance.

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