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Not to be confused with Bret.

They're great fighters, but the one you must fear the most is...
~ Brett's quote from the Double Dragon III manual

Brett (Aldo (アルド Arudo?) in the Famicom version) is a supporting character in Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones. He was one of the top students at the "Double Dragon" dojo, who got killed while trying to defend it from attackers.


Brett was a student at Billy and Jimmy Lee's "Double Dragon" dojo, who was left to care for it while they were away. The dojo was attacked during the brothers' absence and he got killed while trying to protect it.


In the Famicom version, Aldo (Brett's original name in Japan) warns the Dragons of Jim and the Neo Black Warriors, telling them that they were the ones who attacked him and that they intended to take over the city.


Brett plays a larger role in the NES version of the game. While he also warns Billy and Jimmy of the Neo Black Warriors, he also says that the one they should really fear is their leader and the one who wounded him; however, but before Aldo could tell them the leader's name, he suddenly died of his wounds.

Hiruko reveals at the end of the game that she was the real leader of the Neo Black Warriors and the one Brett tried to warn them of.