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Bolo (ボロ Boro?) is an enemy character featured in all versions of Double Dragon II: The Revenge. He is a variant of Abobo with long mop hair.



In the arcade version of Double Dragon II: The Revenge, Bolo first appears at the beginning of Mission 2, bursting out of a brick wall next to the elevator used by the player to enter the stage. This first Bolo wears black pants. Later in the game, the player will fight three Bolo clones at the end of Mission 3 prior to the boss fight. These later variants all wear white pants.

Bolo has a face resembling the standard Zack Abobo, but with long hair, a beard and no scar over his eye. Additionally, Bolo wears jeans and shoes instead of trousers and boots.

Bolo fights almost identically to his head-swapped counterpart O'Hara, with the only difference being his two-handed slap attack (an attack inherited from Jick Abobo in the first game) and not picking up heavy objects (just like Jick).


In the NES version, Bolo first appears at the end of Mission 3 as the end boss and reappears in Missions 4, 5 and 8. Except for his appearance in Mission 4, all the Bolo enemies come in pairs, with the second one always appearing in succession after the first one is defeated.

His signature move is the "Atomic Throw", a body toss which he performs when he is near the player. Abobo was supposed to have this technique in the first NES game, but it was unused.

PC Engine CD

In the enhanced PC Engine remake of the NES version of Double Dragon II, Bolo is listed and illustrated as an enemy in the instruction manual, although only O'Hara from the arcade version appears in the game instead, taking Bolo's hand-slap and appearing where Bolo appeared in the NES version.

It is unknown why Bolo went unused. He has a full set of sprites that can be seen in the game's hidden character sprite viewer. He resembles his arcade counterpart, but now wears an open vest over his chest.





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  1. The character appears as "Boro" on official merchandise on Koji Ogata's website. There is no distinction between the letters "R" and "L" in Japanese.