Bolo (ボロ Boro?) is an enemy character featured in all versions of Double Dragon II: The Revenge. He resembles Abobo from the original game, but with long mop hair.



In the arcade version of Double Dragon II: The Revenge, Bolo first appears at the beginning of Mission 2, bursting out of a brick wall next to the elevator used by the player to enter the stage. This first Bolo wears black pants. Later in the game, the player will fight three Bolo clones at the end of Mission 3 prior to the boss fight. These later variants all wear white pants.

Bolo fights almost identically to his head swapped counterpart O'Hara, with the only difference being his two-handed slap attack (an attack inherited from Jick in the first game).


In the NES port, Bolo first appears at the end of Mission 3 as the end boss and reappears in Missions 4, 5 and 8. Except for his appearance in Mission 4, all the Bolo enemies come in pairs, with the second one always appearing in succession after the first one is defeated.

His signature move is the "Atomic Throw", a body toss which he performs when he is near the player. Abobo was supposed to have this technique in the first NES game, but it was unused.



  • Bolo is named after the Enter the Dragon villain of the same name, played by Yang Sze (who would go on to adopt Bolo Yeung as his stage name), making him the fourth enemy character in the series named after a character from this film (the other two being Williams and Roper from the first game, and O'Hara from the second one).
  • Bolo replaces Jick, the mohawked head swap of Abobo from the first arcade game.
  • The manual for the Mega Drive port of the arcade version identifies Bolo as Abobo.
  • In the PC Engine port of Double Dragon II (which is based on the NES version), Bolo is listed as an enemy in the instruction manual, but the enemy that actually appears in the game more closely resembles his head swap counterpart O'Hara from the arcade version (who is not mentioned in the manual). However, Bolo's sprites can be seen in the game's hidden character sprite viewer.
  • According to Muneki Ebinuma's commentary, Bolo was supposed to appear in Double Dragon Advance.

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