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William Lewis (ウィリアム・ルイス Wiriam Ruisu?), better known as Billy (ビリー?), or even Billy Lee, is a playable character and one of the main protagonists in the one-on-one fighting game Rage of the Dragons. He is a famous street racer and master of Ryu Zui Ken. He hasn't seen his older brother, Jimmy, ever since the death of Jimmy's girlfriend, Mariah.

He is loosely based on Billy Lee, one of the main protagonists of the Double Dragon franchise.


Billy is the younger brother of Jimmy who accompanied him on many adventures in the city. However, both brothers soon grew tired of the physical abuse and moved to Sunshine City with their uncle. There, both brothers were introduced to Master Lee Song, who taught them the Ryu Zui Ken techniques. Billy was taught the ways of the "Blue Dragon" to best fit with his mellow and devoted nature.

Although he tried to stay away from gangs, Billy felt attracted to Jimmy's girlfriend, Mariah. Wanting to confess his feelings to her, he asks her to meet him for a private talk. Unfortunately, one of the gangs that was after his brother killed her while she arrived for their meeting. Once Jimmy hears that his brother was involved, he broke off all ties with Billy and blamed his younger brother for her death.

Billy eventually recovered from the loss by becoming a famous street racer and continued his Ryu Zui Ken training. One day, he received a phone call from Lynn, frantically telling him that their master had been killed. Sensing an evil dragon, he helps her enter the tournament to investigate.

In his ending with Lynn, he leaves her to take care of the dojo and begins his search for his brother. In the game's special ending with Jimmy, he implores his brother to join forces against the "Black Dragon". Their conversation takes a sour turn when he tells Jimmy to forget about Mariah. Both brothers part again with Billy wishing his brother luck in the future.


Billy is a focused and calm individual. Despite their differences, he still loves his brother and will try to help him in any way he can.


  • Electrokinesis: Using the power of the Blue Dragon, Billy can fuel his attacks with electric energy.
  • Gather energy: Billy can adsorb Chi energy from Gaia.
  • Multiple attacks: Billy can kick multiple times at once.

Fighting style[]

Like Jimmy, Billy is considered to be a balanced character who mainly fights with kicks. He is faster and slightly weaker than his brother.


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