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This undisputed chief of the Rat Pack fell foul to the 'toads in their last encounter, but he won't be so easy to beat this time as he's out to do some serious chompin' 'n' stompin'.
~ Official description from the manual

Big Blag is the second boss in Battletoads/Double Dragon. He is a giant anthropomorphic rat who swings his fists at the player and tries to squash them with a butt-slam.


Making honor to his name, Big Blag is a giant anthropomorphic rat who serves the Dark Queen and has fought against the 'Toads in their first game. He is the boss of Level 2, Blag Alley, and attacks either by swinging his powerful fist at the player or by performing a leaping butt-slam to crush them.

The butt-slam attack is especially dangerous, as he can perform it continuously. Getting hit by this attack once usually results in him pinning down the player, stomping on them over and over even if they are still down and just giving barely enough time to either escape or retaliate, which most of the times results in losing a big chunk of health or a complete life to a full-health character. The area where the player can escape to is also very limited due to his enormous size. This is more notorious depending on the version of the game, as while in the NES and Genesis versions Big Blag is relatively the same size, in the SNES version he is much larger.

However, as with most bosses in this game, the key to defeat him consists in dealing continuous hits to him without giving him chance to recover. A stream of successful dashing kicks are optimal for this task.




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