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Armageddon II: The Rematch is the seventh and final level in Battletoads/Double Dragon.


This is it, the final level of the game. After defeating the Shadow Boss in the previous level, our heroes board their space pods one more time and break into the Dark Queen's headquarters in outer space.

This stage is very short and is only inhabited by the same enemies from the first level: Shadow Marines, Retro Blasters and a Mechno-Mitt. After fighting a small group of these, the player will arrive to some sort of super computer at the end of the hallway and the Dark Queen, the last boss of the game, will finally show up.

The Dark Queen mainly attacks by turning into a fire that travels across the floor and reemerges from time to time to throw a fireball at the player. She emerges from this fire at random heights, so her fireballs must be either crouched from or jumped over, or if she emerges entirely, they will simply pass above the player's head.

Her fire will engulf the player's body in flames on contact, dealing considerable damage; this is her most dangerous "attack", as the player must both avoid it, but at the same time try to stay near it for when she emerges, be able to score some hits. However, even if still visible, the fire won't harm the player while the Queen is emerging from it. As she sustains more damage, the Dark Queen will move faster and faster, making it more difficult to avoid both her fire and fireballs.

The computer will throw Bonus Pods with random contents from time to time (bonus points, energy or even a 1UP), which may come in handy throughout the battle.

Once defeated, the ending cutscene will take place and after a few mutual compliments between both the 'Toads and Dragons, Professor T. Bird will give the final time taken to complete the mission and the game will end.