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Tail of the Ratship is the first level in Battletoads/Double Dragon.


As agreed in the introduction cutscene, the 'Toads pick up Billy and Jimmy on the roof of City Hall in their Battlecopter. Their first stop: the Dark Queen's Colossus ratship in outer space.

The team lands on the tail of the ship (and for some reason they do so without wearing spacesuits in the hostile environment of outer space) and from there they start making their way toward its rear entrance.

Soon enough, troops of Shadow Marines come to welcome them, some shimmying along the ship's edges (these can be dealt off instantly by stomping on their hands, making them to "fall" off the ship).

The second line of defense is conformed by self-propelled turrets called Retro Blasters. These small flying devices hover around the screen and try to position themselves at the same level of the player; once locked on, they open fire from their dual guns. Fortunately, they can be grabbed in midair even if they're flying high above the player; all that's needed is to approach their shadows and start attacking - the player character will grab the machine and start either kneeing it or smashing it onto the ground until it is destroyed. They usually play fair, though, and will not attack if the player is currently dealing with another enemy.

The third line is conformed by a weird defense system called the Mechno-Mitt, which is a long mechanical arm with a cartoonish glove-like hand at the end. This device will attempt to swat any intruders that dare to approach its vicinity. Just dash when it is about to attack and it will miss, getting momentarily stuck into the ground and leaving itself open for attack.

The end level boss is none other than Abobo, a well-known acquaintance of the Dragons. He makes his dramatic entrance by destroying the metal door that gives access to the interior of the ship with his bare hands. He's not difficult to beat, though, as quick dashing attacks will soon put him out of commission. Just be wary not to get too near to him; otherwise, he will start pummeling with no mercy, which often results in a loss of a life. Once he has taken enough damage, he will remain on the ground, unable to stand up again and at the mercy of the heroes. End his suffering by hitting him one last time and send him on a free one-way-ticket ride to the emptiness of space.