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Annie Murakami (アニー・ムラカミ Anī Murakami?) is a playable character in the one-on-one fighting game Rage of the Dragons. She is the descendant of a family of psychics who is charged with the task of serving as a guide.


Annie is the daughter to an archaic family of psychics. The clan's patriarch believes that she will someday be a good representation for the Murakami name. Wanting her to practice diligence and gain experience, Annie is assigned to be the guide for Radel. Before they leave Japan, she spots a mysterious black cat in his shadow. She adopts the cat and names it Qui-zi.

In her ending, Radel dies protecting her from the "Black Dragon" and she mourns his passing over his gravestone. A mysterious stranger (who resembles Johann) watches her from afar.


Proud of her lineage but a bit flighty, Annie is a conceited yet caring girl. She is easily amused by anything foreign to her native country due to her secluded lifestyle.


  • Psychic attacks: Annie can fuel her attacks with psychic energy.
  • Energy geyser: Annie can launch a geyser of energy at her enemies.

Fighting style[]

Annie is a flexible combo character who excels in aerial attacks.

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