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For the Double Dragon Advance antagonist, see Anderson (Double Dragon Advance).

Anderson is the main antagonist and final boss in the Game Boy version of Double Dragon II.


Anderson was a high ranking member of the "Scorpions" martial arts organization and secretly sought to usurp its leader, Gordon, so as to corrupt the Scorpions into a force of evil (much akin to the Black Shadow Warriors). He didn't see with good eyes that the Lee brothers became the new martial arts instructors within the organization and that they were close friends with Gordon.

Angry that his planned power grab was in jeopardy, Anderson shot Wright, one of their high ranking members and a friend of the Lees. He then framed the brothers for the murder, commencing with this a manhunt from the rest of the Scorpions against them while he focused on taking over and becoming their new leader. When Billy and Jimmy finally reached Gordon and were prepared to tell him the truth, Anderson struck down Gordon, announcing his intent to kill the Double Dragons and claim they murdered Gordon, allowing him to rule the Scorpions.


Anderson has the same speed as the Double Dragons, and as the final boss, he is the toughest opponent in the game. His signature move is the spinning jump kick, which sends him across the room; the same attack he used to take out Gordon.

Anderson can also jump high straight into the air and launch his opponents away with his knee (similar to the "Flying Knee Kick" in the NES version of Double Dragon II). He can perform a powerful uppercut that sends foes flying and can toss the Dragons if they get close to him.

Finally, Anderson is the only character able to block attacks and cannot be damaged when doing so.



  • Pictures of Anderson's line the walls of the final level, foreshadowing his plans to kill and replace Gordon.