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Amon is a playable character in the one-on-one fighting game Double Dragon, originally released on the Neo Geo.


Amon practices the legendary ninja art of Ryuganinpoh. He has crossed the ocean in search of his family, who disappeared without a trace. There are many rumors floating around, but none of them have been verified.

In his ending, after defeating Koga Shuko, he is seen participating as a racer in Formula One as one of his disguises, telling himself he needs the light as his guide before disappearing.

In gameplay, Amon utilizes an unarmed ninjutsu fighting style called Ryuganinpoh in which he relies on using a powerful back elbow known as Shihoken a head stomp and a sliding kick. He can also uses ninpo techniques such as Rekka Bakuen Heki and both of his super finishing moves such as Raikojin and Onmyo Bakuen Satsu. He can also throw fire shurikens known as Yousoken to damage his opponents. Amon's main disadvantage wss a slow startup of his moves if his Shihoken misses by rushing, which allow the players to make a combo damage against him.


Amon shows him being calm, cool and serious, and has a moral code due to his strict rules in a way of the ninja. These qualities are shown on his win quotes. He also detests fighting beautiful women, which were seen in his fight against Marian, telling her that fighting is only for men and that girls should not be allowed to it, as well as fighting with weaponry, seen in his win quote against Rebecca, despite her having interest on his cool side according to her win quote against him.


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