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Alice Carrol (アリス・キャロル Arisu Kyaroru?) is a playable character in the one-on-one fighting game Rage of the Dragons. She is a victim of possession by an evil spirit who uses her body to manifest itself in this world and cause harm.


Alice was a daughter from an aristocratic family in London and was the top of her class in school. When she turned ten, her parents were brutally murdered. Alice, present at the time of the crime, was covered in blood and left in a catatonic state. Though suspects were legally convicted, many onlookers suspected Alice to be the real murderer as she started to exhibit erratic behavior. She was institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital for aggressive treatments. There, she met Elias Patrick, who diagnosed her condition as possession by an evil spirit.

When she was transferred to America, her fear and condition worsened. She ran away from the hospital and was caught by the only one who could catch her: Elias. He took her under his care, both of them hoping to rid her torment. In their ending, the spirit leaves Alice's body and returns to its creator, Johann. Although she thinks her guardian died protecting her from the villain, Elias survives and continues to pursue Johann for her sake.


Alice is a morose and crestfallen girl for her age. She doesn't like to be alone with the spirit and is dependent on Elias.


  • Psychic aura: Alice can attack enemies with a psychic aura around her hands to increase punching damage. She can use this same aura to create a shield and attack her enemies with a ball of energy.
  • Demon arm: Alice can grab her enemies with an astral image of a demon hand.
  • Energy geyser: Alice can hurl a geyser of dark energy at her enemies.

Fighting style[]

Since she is possessed during battle, Alice mostly uses the evil spirit inside her to fight. She is a short-ranged and speedy character.


  • She is inspired by Alice, the main protagonist of the 1865 novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and wears a similar dress as this character is usually depicted with.
    • Furthermore, her surname "Carrol" is a homage to the author of said novel, Lewis Carroll.

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