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Abore (アボレ Abore?) is an enemy character introduced in the arcade version of Double Dragon II: The Revenge, where he first appears as the end boss of Mission 2. He is an inhumanly tall thug with a wide repertoire of powerful attacks.


Double Dragon II: The Revenge[]


Abore is the boss character who takes the second ringleader rank of what Jeff got demoted from since his defeat in the first Double Dragon. He is the largest foe in the entire Black Warriors gang (even dwarfing the likes of Bolo and Burnov) as well as one of the most powerful, with his shoulder tackles, slaps and vertical chops, each capable of taking out a large chunk of the player's health. He has a blond flat top hairstyle, wears a long white shirt and red pants held up by suspenders, as well as a pair of sunglasses with Terminator-like red glowing eyes behind them, implying to be half giant man and half killer robot, or perhaps even influenced by magical powers. The twin clones of Abore the player faces at the end of Mission 4 prior to the final battle with Willy wear green pants and black shirts instead.

O'Hara - 01

O'Hara from Double Dragon II.

Abore's design in the NES version of Double Dragon II differs greatly from his arcade counterpart. In this game, he more closely resembles O'Hara (Bolo's head swap from the arcade version), despite having the same fighting techniques than his counterpart in the arcade version. He lacks his sunglasses and fights completely shirtless, wearing only green camouflage pants and army boots.

PC Engine CD

His design in this version is a combination between both of his previous incarnations in the arcade and NES games, as O'Hara appears. Abore is once again the tallest enemy and wears sunglasses, but now has a leaner build, wears a shirt with its sleeves ripped off, and wears pants and boots. Abore has an additional attack and, unlike the NES version, his powerful attacks may damage other enemies onscreen. 

Abore is given a slightly more relevant role in Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons, a 2013 remake of the arcade original. He appears during various cutscenes in one of the early stages, teasing the player and luring them into various traps.

Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons[]

He used to be a famous wrestler with a large body and strong power. He was tempted by Willy, while he struggled to make a living after retirement due to an injury product of an accident.

He is in charge of the secret drug manufacturing factory.[1]

  • Body type: Boss AB type (the biggest giant)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 40s
  • Personality: Usually, he doesn't get any critical damage from normal attacks because of his large body, but once he starts to get damage, he becomes timid.
  • Features: Trunk tackles using his large body and karate chops.

Other appearances[]

River City Girls[]

This WayForward developed game (that also developed Double Dragon Neon in 2012) features an android enemy type called D4-VID ("David") who is based on Abore. He is a giant robot from the future who attacks with an extending metal arm and by launching grenades from a hidden compartment in his chest. When called in to assist the player, he attacks by punching with his extended metal arm, covering a wide area.

He has five variants: 64-RC14 ("García"), J4-M35 ("James"), CH-R15 ("Chris"), a red one called J3-R3MY ("Jeremy"), and a magically-enhanced undead variant called H4-YD3N ("Hayden"). One of his color palettes has orange hair and green camo pants, much like Abore's appearance in the NES version of Double Dragon II.

Because River City Girls is set in the same universe as Kunio-kun and Double Dragon, with enemies from the latter making appearances in the former, this enemy type apparently is an updated version of Abore.





  • In the arcade version of Double Dragon II: The Revenge, Abore wears a suit (shirt and pants with suspenders) which appears to be based on that worn by the character Petrov from the 1972 martial arts film Fist of Fury (released in the US as The Chinese Connection), while his overall physical appearance seems to be based on Austrian-American actor, politician and former professional bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, in particular to his interpretation of the Terminator (T-800 series), a fictional cyborg character mainly made famous for Schwarzenegger's portrayal of it in the science fiction-action franchise of the same name.
    • Likewise, Abore's design in the NES version of Double Dragon II resembles other soldier-themed characters also made famous by Schwarzenegger, such as those from Commando and Predator.
André the Giant - WWF Superstars - 01

André from WWF Superstars.

  • According to Koji Ogata, graphic designer who worked in several Double Dragon titles, including the arcade version of Double Dragon II, Abore is just a modified sprite of André the Giant from WWF Superstars, another Technōs game. Apparently, this was made in order to speed up production of the game.[2]
  • In the PC Engine CD version, Abore is the only recurring enemy to not have more than one palette; every other enemy that appears more than once has three palettes.
  • Carlem, another hulking enemy character who appears in Super Double Dragon, is possibly based on Abore's physical appearance in the arcade version of Double Dragon II, being inhumanly tall, prominently clad in red clothing, and wearing a pair of sunglasses that gives him a Terminator-like appearance.

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